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Diving instructors

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Here’s our friendly team of instructors! Ask them any question and they’ll be more than happy to help!

The Instructors

John Borrett - Open Water Instructor

“I love the sense of achievement when the student masters being underwater”

Dave ‘DJ’ Jackson - Advanced Open Water Instructor

“For me instruction/teaching really is a way of giving back to the sport, which gives me so much pleasure and enjoyment… I am a great advocate of UK diving and know that we live in one of the most diverse and exciting areas for diving, with an abundance of wildlife and magnificent coastal landscapes. ”

Kerry Brown - Theory Instructor

I enjoy my diving and the best thing about instructing is I get new people to dive with!

Assistant Diving Instructors

Matt Peters

“I started diving at a young age and am now progressing into technical diving”

Tony Pugh

“Diving is a great pastime. I get immense satisfaction in taking those that are new to diving for try dives and introducing them to the underwater world”

Tracy Humphries

“I enjoy diving to see all the life in the water, I teach so other people can discover what’s under the water too. It’s rewarding when they learn a new skill they never thought they could do”

Mags Martin

“When I started I thought I would never make it as a diver and now I’m addicted and want to share that with others!! Ask me any silly dive questions I’ve already asked it!”

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