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Diving instructors

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Here’s our friendly team of instructors! Ask them any question and they’ll be more than happy to help!

The Instructors

Tony Pugh - Open Water Instructor

“Diving is a great pastime. I get immense satisfaction in taking those that are new to diving for try dives and introducing them to the underwater world”

Dave ‘DJ’ Jackson - Advanced Open Water Instructor

“For me instruction/teaching really is a way of giving back to the sport, which gives me so much pleasure and enjoyment… I am a great advocate of UK diving and know that we live in one of the most diverse and exciting areas for diving, with an abundance of wildlife and magnificent coastal landscapes. ”

Mags Martin - Open Water Instructor

“When I started I thought I would never make it as a diver and now I’m addicted and want to share that with others!! Ask me any silly dive questions I’ve already asked it!”

Kerry Brown - Theory Instructor & Assistant Diving Instructor

I enjoy my diving and the best thing about instructing is I get new people to dive with!

Assistant Diving Instructors

Tracy Humphreys

“I enjoy diving to see all the life in the water, I teach so other people can discover what’s under the water too. It’s rewarding when they learn a new skill they never thought they could do”

Matt Peters

“I started diving at a young age and am now progressing into technical diving”

Rebecca Martin

“I mainly help out in the pool taking people for try dives or teaching lessons with members. I sometimes go to Open Water training days to be a buddy and help you get ready for scuba!”

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