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Meet the committee

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Each year at the club AGM the committee is voted for by members of the club. Most club positions are open to all with the exception of the diving officer and the training officer where specific qualifications are required.

The committee is responsible for the smooth running of the club and keeping on top of issues that have an effect on membership. Committee meetings are held every other month and any issues can be raised by contact committee members on the list below.

MATT PETERS - Chairman

Matt has had the role for over a year now, and continues to make improvements at the club.

DAVID JACKSON “DJ” - Diving Officer, Boat Officer

DJ has been at the club since it started in 1994. He loves everything about diving and boats. DJ oversees, all diving at the club and Open Water training. Loves getting everyone to drive the club boat!

LISA HAMBLIN - Treasurer

Lisa keeps a close eye on the club spending!

TRACY HUMPHREYS - Club Secretary

Tracy deals with the serious side of the club life.

MAGS MARTIN - Social & Membership Secretary

Mags learnt to dive at the club in 2017. Enjoys getting people together and loves everyone having a good time. She organises as many dive trips and dive days as she can to fit into the whole year not just the dive season!

TONY PUGH - Training Officer

Tony is new to the role but has been on the club training team for a number of years and is looking forward to making training work more easily for new members.

ARVIS CESTAUSKAS - Equipment Officer

Arvis takes charge of club kit availability and its servicing. He is ably assisted by Matt, Tony, Andy, Mags, Gareth & Josh on Pool nights. Arvis has recently qualified as a Sports Diver.

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