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Do I have to be a BSAC qualified diver to join?

No, at Bedford Scuba Divers we have members from any agency qualifications. We do encourage you to join BSAC as this provides third party worldwide insurance.

What diver grade equivalent am I?

*Can advance depth with additional training

What kit do I need?

If training on an Ocean Diver course with us, all kit can be provided but we recommend you but your own mask, snorkel and fins for a proper fit. If you are already a diver, we can loan out our equipment for small fee.

How long does it take?

One of the good things about learning with a BSAC club, is the pace of learning is build around you. Usually, it takes about twelve weeks to get ready for the Open Water lesson to commence.

What does it cost to loan kit?

As a member, if you loan kit for a pool session on a Wednesday it’s £5 including air. If members, wish to loan kit (BCD, regs, weights) for use on a dive trip or a dive day, it’s £10 regardless of length of loan. Air Tank/Cylinder is £5 regardless of length of loan but is expected to be returned to the club full of air.

Visit BSAC.com